Welcome to Blue Star Motel, USA.

Blustar Motel offers a great value with an even greater location. We strive to serve you in every way possible,including making your stay very comfortable. The motel is just minutes away from Chicago Ridge Mall, Pete’s Fresh Market,Walmart,Major restaurants and Convenience stores. Close by to Midway Airport,Chicago Downtown this motel is a place you love to stay in. Our rooms are perfectly formed, rich in color and comfortably stylish with a promise of a restful and refreshing night’s sleep.

Favorite Rooms

Find your favorite room, feel more than home


Deluxe Room (Hawain)

Surrounded by blue skies,fluffy clouds, sand and ocean. Palm trees above your soft and comfy bed, an inviting tub- your stay in Hawaiin Room make you feel as if you are in paradise.

Elegant Room (New Room Suite)

Budget conscious room with perfect balance of luxury and comfort. Ideal room to rest and replenish at a price you can afford.

Luxury Room (Roman Room)

Beautifully decorated in Romanesque style offers guest the ultimate in luxury and is ideal for guests celebrating something special.Fabulous in appearance, Gorgeous to touch, Comfortable-Adorable.